Saturday, November 24, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!!

Wow, a lot has happened in the past month. The kids had a blast at Halloween. Caleb was a Ninja, Grace a Witch, Ronan was the Black Spiderman & Lucie was a Black Cat. We went to Andale to trick-or-treat, and the kids loaded up on the candy. They were going crazy...running (sprinting) from house to house. Bryan and I had so much fun just watching them.

Caleb's football team not only won the City League, they also one won the Unity Bowl, and most importantly they are NYSSO NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. Wow...what a great season these kids had. We traveled to Lawrence, KS for the national tournament and the kids played great. The final game was the most nerve racking, exciting game we had all season. We couldn't have asked for a better game to end the year. Counting down the days to next season!!

From football to wrestling in just two days. Caleb didn't have much of a break since wrestling started two days after the last football game. He has already traveled to Tulsa and this weekend to Amarillo for tournaments. I just got word from him a couple of hours ago that he placed 4th in the Amarillo tournament. We are so proud of him!

Lucie is getting ready to walk any day now. She is such a happy baby, I couldn't ask for a better munchkin. Grace is continuing with her weekly dance class...she really loves it! We have had a few instructor changes; which is very frustrating for the parents, but the kids don't seem to mind. Ronan goes with Caleb to the Tuesday night wrestling practice to practice with the coach's son. The coach's son is older than Ronan, but they are about the same size. Next year will be Ronan's official beginning to his wrestling career ---- Bryan is already gearing up.

The house is coming right along. The stucco process should start this week. Bryan is hard at work finishing the siding. I am trying to get our current house ready to be put on the market. I hope to have it ready within the next couple of weeks. Pray that is sells quickly!!

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