Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Caleb went to wrestling camp in Oklahoma for 5 days. We are so proud of him and what he accomplished. He is such a smart, mature 7 year old, that sometimes we actually forget that he is a little boy. I don't think I would have been able to stay in a strange place, hours away from home when I was his age. Bryan and I were so worried about him, but we knew he could do it. He had my cell phone so he was able to call us whenever he needed. That, and the night light that I packed, were life savers. I never would have been able to send him without a phone. He called us a couple times a day, always around bedtime. There was one day that we didn't hear from him during the morning or afternoon, I was freaking out. Obviously he was fine, too busy to call.

Bryan and I picked him up last Thursday...I was never happier to see him. Oh how I missed his cute little smile. I even missed his little attitude (haha). We had a surprise "we are proud of you" party for him on Friday with pizza and cake. Attendees: Grandma Brenda, Grandma Lynda, Dave & Vicky & Mema. CALEB IS THE MAN!

Ronan is almost 2 years old!

Our baby boy is getting ready to turn two on June 28th. There is something about sweet Ronan that we just can't put our finger on. Possibly it's his sweet personality, or the way he tries to be like his big brother, or maybe his beautiful almond shaped eyes. Whatever it is...he's irresistible.
We are planning a big party for Saturday with a moonwalk, BBQ and tons of family and friends. Family coming for the fiesta include the clan from Texas, Uncle Jeff & Aunt Dani, Uncle Steve and his girlfriend Jill, Grandpa Ron & Grandma Sherry, Aunt Carly, Cousins Layla & Rocco. With this group, we are bound to have a blast.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Our 1st family vacation ---Cape Fair, MO 5/2007

Our first blog...

Hello everyone. Bryan and I decided that with four kids, it would be much easier to blog. By doing so we can inform you of all of the happenings in our busy home. We hope that you will enjoy reading about our family as much as we enjoy being a family.