Saturday, May 3, 2008

Calgon...take me away!!

Selling, packing, closing, moving, screaming, smiling.

Well, we listed our house on April 8th, and we had a signed contract by April 16th. I figured the house would sell quickly…just not this soon. The closing is scheduled for May 16th, so we (mom & I) are in the middle of packing. Come next weekend we will be staying at mom’s house until approximately mid-June.

The new house is coming along. Bryan started painting (spraying) the outside today, the cabinets are in, the tile is “almost” ordered. According to Bryan, painting, tiling & decking are next on the agenda. He is really putting in long hours over there…missing all kids of family events like baseball games & practices, wrestling banquets, and just everyday kids things. The kids and I truly appreciate his sacrifice.

The kids and I…now that’s a whole other story. I think that we are both driving each other crazy. Bryan acts as a good foundation for the family, so when he is out of the house we seem to crack a bit. I also think it stems from the fact that we are packing (and have been for months). The house was only on the market for a week --- but we showed it over eight times. So, that in itself is stressful. Let me tell you, the house never looked better during that week…I thought we were living in a model home!! I just keep telling myself, this craziness will be over in a few weeks, and then finally some normalcy.

I love our front door!


Master bath cabinets