Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Graham Cracker Bully!!

What do you do when your son is the bully of the classroom? I know what I do...dread getting the daily report. Ronan started preschool a few weeks ago, and has been having some issues with keeping his hands to himself. He really is a sweet little boy, an aggressive sweet little boy. Luckily he has very patient teacher. I have had a few discussions with her and she is confident that he is ready for preschool. According to her, he is very bright and catches on quickly. He actually has been showing improvement this week; his teacher indicated that he is "thinking" about his actions. So what has he been doing up until this point? These are actual reports from his teacher.

Hit a girl & boy with his graham cracker.
Punched two boys in the chest during show-n-tell.
Called kids bozos at recess.
Wrestled a kid to the ground.
Head butted a kid during snack time (not too sure that happened).
Hit a kid with his foot (notice she didn't say kick).

I still giggle when I read some of these reports. I can picture his cute little face wrestling the shit out of a little nerd kid. I know, that's horrible to say. I completely understand that he needs to learn to act right. Like I said, he really is a sweet little boy. He just gets excited and likes to play rough. Unfortunately, he thinks it's funny...but his poor victims don't.