Thursday, October 25, 2007

October Birthdays!

Our family has three birthdays in October. Grandpa’s & Dave’s are on the 21st --- 83 & 53 years old, and mine is on the 18th --- 33 years old. We always get a cake and celebrate them all together. This year we decided to go out for dinner, and then back to the house for cake and ice-cream. It’s always nice to get together with Vicky & Dave and Grandma & Grandpa.

For my birthday, Bryan and I gathered 25 of our friends together for a night out. We had a blast…couldn’t have been any better!! Most of my closest friends were there…and a few new ones. Unfortunately the Texas Clan was missing…Dad, Jeff, Steve & Dani. Wow, that would have been crazy if they could have made it back. Maybe next year!!

Cissi & Amy

Chad...being Chad

Joley & Rob

Anne & Carrie

Missy & Jeremy

Carrie & Cissi

Sunday, October 14, 2007


"FIRED UP!" You will hear this chant several times at our games. This helps get our boys excited to play. This weekend we traveled to Topeka for a mid-season tournament. Our boys did great, but came up a bit short on the last game (8-6) and ended up getting 2nd place. Caleb had three great games this weekend. He seems to really enjoy football; it helps that he plays with a great bunch of boys. We are undefeated in our league and plan on winning the championship - something these boys really deserve. "HOW YA LOOK?" -- "GOOD." -- "HOW GOOD?"-- "REAL GOOD." This chant is especially my favorite, I love it when the boys say "real good"!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

More pictures

Mema & Rony

Front of house


Rocco & Layla

Grace & Layla

Carrie & Dani

Jeff & Steve

Grace on our road trip to TX