Thursday, October 25, 2007

October Birthdays!

Our family has three birthdays in October. Grandpa’s & Dave’s are on the 21st --- 83 & 53 years old, and mine is on the 18th --- 33 years old. We always get a cake and celebrate them all together. This year we decided to go out for dinner, and then back to the house for cake and ice-cream. It’s always nice to get together with Vicky & Dave and Grandma & Grandpa.

For my birthday, Bryan and I gathered 25 of our friends together for a night out. We had a blast…couldn’t have been any better!! Most of my closest friends were there…and a few new ones. Unfortunately the Texas Clan was missing…Dad, Jeff, Steve & Dani. Wow, that would have been crazy if they could have made it back. Maybe next year!!

Cissi & Amy

Chad...being Chad

Joley & Rob

Anne & Carrie

Missy & Jeremy

Carrie & Cissi

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