Sunday, September 16, 2007


Goose's 1st football game.

Somebody help me!!

Dancing girl

The Boys

I'm ready!!

Colton, Caleb & Tristen

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Life is too short to slow down!

Man, have we been busy. Caleb started playing tackle football this year...yes I said TACKLE. He has practice three times a week, with games on Saturday. He loves it!!! Gracie started "creative movement" dance class this week. So if you add her Tuesday class to Caleb's Monday, Tuesday & Thursday practice, his PSR (religion) class on Wednesday --- you have one hell of a busy week. Not to mention juggling Ronan & Lucie throughout all of this. I am not complaining...just a bit tired.

Gracie and I took a special trip to Texas this weekend (I am actually blogging from Texas). This was my second year to volunteer for the 5K
Heroes For Children walk/race. Heroes For Children is a wonderful non-profit that provides financial assistance to Texas families with children battling cancer. It's a long story as to how I became involved...let's just say an angel guided me. Take a moment to check out their site.

It's been a nice mini-vacation, but I am anxious to get home to see my other three babies. Sorry, I don't have any pictures to post tonight--- I'll make an attempt to post some this week. That's if I can find the time.

House news: IT'S ALMOST FRAMED!!! (pics soon)