Sunday, August 26, 2007


Lucie has been working on her teeth for the past three months. Finally on Tuesday (8/14/07) a bottom tooth popped through. After three other kids with first teeth, one would think the 4th child’s tooth milestone would be less exciting. Well, let me tell you I am both excited & sad…excited because it is her first tooth, sad because this is the “last” first tooth. I will always have mixed emotions about Lucie’s milestones, since she is the baby. Just the other day Bryan commented that I need a saddle for my hip since Lucie is permanently stuck there. I told him that I am going to savor every moment of her as a baby since she is our last. When you think about it…her first’s will always be our last’s. That is somewhat depressing.

Caleb is now officially a 2nd grader. Last Thursday was Caleb’s first day of school. Our tradition is to take him to breakfast on the first day. This year he chose the donut shop. Wouldn’t you know it since I am on a diet! Oh well, both he and Bryan enjoyed a yummy donut. Then it was off to school. We actually met his teacher on Monday at the Open House. She seems to be very nice; I think Caleb will have a good year.

Wow, our baby just got her first tooth and our oldest bud entered 2nd grade. Before we know it Caleb will be in 7th, Grace in 3rd, Ronan in 2nd & Lucie in Kindergarten. Make room for the Wunsch Bunch!!!

Trying to crawl is exhausting!

Lucie & her friend Taylor

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