Sunday, August 12, 2007


Can I just tell you how excited we are…excited for each kid to have their own room, excited for there to be enough room for all of us to live comfortably, excited we won’t have to see our weird neighbors anymore. Unfortunately, this excitement is just excitement for right now, as our new house will not be finished for several months. But all that matters is construction has started!!!!

I will be posting pictures during this entire process. A week and a half ago we took a family picture on our lot a few days before the hole was dug. We are going to try and take this same family picture periodically during different phases of the house. Can you tell that we are so excited??

Bryan is actually the GC on this project, and he will be doing a lot of the work himself. In about a month all of his time will be spent at the new house…while I am home with the crazy maniacs. Trust me --- it’s worth it. I am sure I will have help from both my mom and Lynda, but I don’t want them to feel as though they have to be over 24/7. So cheers – to the beginning of another chapter of our lives. More to come…

Kids playing on our Lot

My sweet Caleb.

Ronan wearing Caleb's football shoes & sweeping

Almost ready to crawl

Three nerds

Picked flowers for me

Grandma Lynda & Lucie at the lot

Crazy Roan

Cute Roan

Cute Gracie

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