Thursday, September 4, 2008

We're baaaaaaack!!

We are finally in our new home. We actually moved in mid-August…and I think that we will be unpacking forever. Wow…do we have a lot of crap! The past three months have been very busy.

We moved out of our house mid-May. This was hard on the kids, as this is the only home they have ever known. It actually took Rony several weeks to realize that we weren’t going back “home”. At the end of May came the last day of 2nd grade for Caleb, and our trip to Branson. The kids had a blast in Branson this year! We tried to cram as much into the week as possible. We visited the tourist attractions, shopped, the boys hiked & fished. The kids even had the rare opportunity to feed a sea turtle, sting rays & sharks.

Bryan and I took a trip to San Diego so I could participate with Team In Training in a ½ marathon. Caleb had two out of state wrestling camps. The kids and I took a trip to Texas to pickup Caleb from camp. The other wrestling camp was 50 miles west of St. Louis…what a long fricken drive that was. Bryan was working on the house so I had to tackle that drive alone. I drove to Branson, to Northeast Missouri & to Dallas Texas all within one month. That totally sucked!!

Ronan turned three on June 28th. We had his birthday celebration on July 3rd, shooting off plenty of “illegal” fireworks. The party was a hit with about 30 people in attendance. I still can’t believe my baby boy is three.

July is a birthday month -- Sherry, Dad, Bryan, Mom, Vicky & Grandma. We surprised my grandma with an 80th birthday party. 130 of her family & friends showed up to wish her a happy birthday.

Bryan’s dad and step-mom came to visit at the end of July. They were able to stay for a week, which allowed us to spend a lot of time with them. Unfortunately, the house was not completed yet.

First day of 3rd grade for Caleb, and both Gracie and Ronan started pre-school. We closed on the house on August 18th and moved in the following weekend.


San Diego June 2008

Grace @ Uncle Jeff's karate studio, Frisco TX

Cousin Layla & Caleb

Happy 3rd Birthday Rony

Lucie @ Grandma's house for Roan's Birthday

Lucie & Cissi

Lucie's friend Taylor & her mom Shaunna

Rocco, Layla & Roan

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