Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our little girl is growing up!

Our big girl is 4 years old. The Wizard of Oz was the theme for Gracie’s 4th birthday party. We had our family and friends over to help celebrate her “golden birthday” --- her birthday is December 4th and she turned 4. Grace and the kids had a great time. She received a lot of great gifts, including a Barbie Jeep. She has been driving Caleb’s truck for the past year and she finally got a “girly” ride.

She has been begging to get her ears pierced for a few weeks. After explaining the process to her, including the fact that it hurts like hell, she decided she was ready. So, a couple of days before her birthday us girls (Mom, Grace & Lucie) ventured up to the nearest salon for the “procedure”. Boy was she excited…until she felt the pain. Thank God they had two guns so both ears were done simultaneously... I had called earlier to make sure. So far so good, she has been turning them daily and everything looks great. Our little girl is growing up!!

Party goers

The price we pay for beauty!!

Sweet pumpkin!

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