Thursday, July 5, 2007


Ronan turned two on June 28th, and had a family party on June 30th. Our plans for a moonwalk were flushed away by the rain. Which really sucked because all of the other kids' birthdays are in the Ronan's birthday is our only chance to have fun in the sun!! A little bit of rain didn't get us down. We ate, drank & enjoyed each others company.

Attendees included Grandmas Brenda & Lynda, Grandpa Ron & Grandma Sherry, Uncle (Godfather) Steve & his girlfriend Jill, Uncle Jeff & Aunt Dani, cousins Layla & Rocco, Aunt Carly, Godmother Nan, Godmother Anne w/ her kids Hannah & Danny, Pepa & Mema, Great Uncle Dave & Great Aunt Vicky, friends Rob & Joley, The Warners, and Missy & kids.

A huge thanks to everyone for making Ronan's party perfect!!

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